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MOFFE Primary School Feeding Scheme

blueribbonAs Moutse Foundation For Education, we have found it very important to do a Feeding Scheme for Primary Schools within Moutse in order to feed those kids that are affected by poverty in their household. The project is aimed at assisting in improving the situation in Primary Schools where other School kids don’t have access to better food.

MOFFE has taken this responsibility to set up a soup kitchen in various primary schools around Moutse to distribute meals of nutritional bread with soup as well as a cup of juice with potato chips to disadvantaged kids in primary schools within Moutse and surrounding communities on selected Month Ends so that the very disadvantaged kids can have an enjoyable meal at least once in 2 Months.

We thank Blue Ribbon for sponsoring the project. Click here to see the Gallery

The Soup Kitchen rotates in Different Schools around Moutse. But if you think there’s a Primary School you think needs us more, please contact us.


Invitation Form

Please ensure that you notify the principal about this before you fill in this form as we will not come to the School without the Principal’s consent .

Invite Food
Please give us as much information as you can, including Why you think we should come to the School, When should we come (date and time), as well as the Address.
If you have not spoken to the Principal, we will not be able to come.