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MOFFE Revision Centre

After the 2015 Matric performance, we have noticed a huge fall in Grade 12 performance for learners in Moutse after the 2015 results got released early this year (2016). Moutse Foundation For Education want to support and help the current Grade 12 learners to do much better for the following years and beyond.

MOFFE did a research to find the real problem that caused the poor performance, and found that the main problem is that 68% of all Schools in the area don’t have Libraries where learners can sit and study in peace, and approximately 80% of the 60% are those learners that are not able to study at home or outside school.

Moutse is a very disadvantaged rural area – the community does not have many resource to encourage or influence the learners to study hard, in particular Matric learners.

The Matric Students do not have a place they can go to, to study in peace without any disturbance, therefore as the Organisation that focuses mainly in providing solutions to the problems that affects Education in Moutse, we have arranged revision centres around Moutse in Secondary Schools for current Matric earners to attend Saturday Schools.

This centres will help support Grade 12 Learners with the problems they come across that affects their ability to improve their performances.

Centre Advantages:

  • Previous Question Papers
  • Memos,
  • Study Guide Materials
  • FREE Wifi (Not all of them)

We will have extra classes held every Saturdays from June with professional teachers available to assist with tutoring and a one on one sessions.

Revision Class Enrolment Form