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Geleza Nathi on SABC1 Mondays to Sundays

Geleza Nathi on SABC1 Mondays to Sundays

Geleza Nathi brings the cool back to school with simplified methods of instruction to specific learning areas of grades 10,11& 12.The show  aims to help you walk through those difficult learning areas with ease while enjoying some cool prizes on offer. Geleza Nathi every morning from 05h00 – 06h00 on SABC 1, Mzazi fo sho!

Monday 5th August – Maths lesson 22

Grab those calculators and notepads because Mark the maths Sangoma is up and ready to tackle some analytical geometry. Get ready to join PK as she discusses peer study groups.

Tuesday 6th August – Physical Sciences lesson 22

Get ready for an awesome physical science lesson with Sarita. In today’s lesson she takes another look at electrodynamics focusing on the AC cycle and PK discusses the dance that’s on everyone’s lips – twerking.

Wednesday 7th August – English FAL lesson 22

Wednesday is English FAL and today Thandeka takes a look at diary writing. With matric dance fever in the air we chat about make-up trends that will suit you and how to act like a lady on the big day.

Thursday 8th August – Life Sciences lesson 22

Switch on those brains bright and early because today is the best in Life Sciences. Cat takes a look at Lamarck and Darwin’s theories and we take a look at running a business from school.

Friday 9th August – Accounting lesson 11

On Women’s day, Buhle is back in studio and brings you challenging accounting lessons. Today she focuses on manufacturing accounts and we discuss the issue of keeping a clean environment with studio guests.

Monday 12th August – Maths lesson 23

It’s a manic maths morning with Mark the maths Sangoma and today he tackles geometry and proportional geometry. In studio guests discuss the issue of being big and beautiful.

Tuesday 13th August – Physical Sciences lesson 23

It’s a physical science Tuesday and Sarita tackles the photoelectric effect and we look at the goings on of science week with our studio guests.

Wednesday 14th August – English FAL lesson 23

Open those notebooks and grab a hot cup of coffee because this morningGeleza Nathi brings you an awesome English FAL lesson and Thandeka focuses on bias. Our studio guests discuss what appropriate behaviour is during the daily discussion.

Thursday 15th August – Life Sciences lesson 23

Switch on those life sciences brains because Cat has a jam-packed lesson this morning. She takes a look at evolution by natural selection and we see what you think about weaves versus natural hair.

Friday 16th August – Maths Literacy lesson 12

Friday fever is in the air and we wrap up this week with a look at maths literacy. Nazz gets number crunching and takes a look at probability and we chat about the different social groups at school.

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